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Social Media Guidelines for Members and Community

The objectives of National Alliance of Private Club’s social media sites are to increase member engagement, raise awareness of club events, increase web traffic to club websites, recruit new members, and increase awareness of club facilities and other offerings among external markets.

For the purpose of this policy, social media refers to the use of web-based and mobile applications used for social interaction and exchange of member-generated content. National Alliance of Private Club’s social media sites may include but are not limited to Facebook, Linked In, Wordpress, Foursquare, Google Places and Yelp.

We at National Alliance of Private Club love the comments and dialogue between our social media users. We encourage you to share, like, comment, and post. However, we do review all comments and posts and they may be deleted at our discretion. We do our best to respond to comments as quickly as possible, but sometimes there are delays. Please be patient with us as we do what we can to improve the experience of all of our members.

We ask that you conduct yourselves in a professional manner, respect the views and opinions of others, and demonstrate respect for our members, clients, guests, vendors, employees and competitors. Any content or behavior posted on National Alliance of Private Club’s social media sites that may be considered disrespectful, dishonest, offensive, harassing or damaging to the interests, image and reputation of the organization, employees, members or others is not permitted and may be removed.

The use of National Alliance of Private Club’s social media for personal, religious or political purposes is not allowed. Do not cite or reference members, partners or suppliers without their approval. When you do make a reference, where possible, link back to the source.

When posting information to any social media sites, respect trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property. You are expected to protect confidential information and not say anything that harms, or could harm, the club’s reputation. Be aware that what you say is permanent.

All social media networks will be monitored on a regular basis for content appropriateness. Violation of guidelines may result in the removal of content, blocking or removing users from accessing National Alliance of Private Club’s social media sites, or other appropriate action including termination.  National Alliance of Private Clubs is not liable for anything posted on websites and social media sites that are not managed by us. This includes but is not limited to Alliance club websites and Facebook pages.