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Members of the National Alliance of Private Clubs enjoy access and privileges at a variety of reciprocal clubs and participating Alliance clubs, locally, nationally and internationally.

Reciprocal clubs are clubs that have agreed to extend privileges to NAPC members through participating Alliance Clubs (i.e. Indian Hills Country Club). NAPC members may visit and enjoy reciprocal clubs that are outside a 75-mile radius from their home or office. Each club has its own set of rules, and members visiting a reciprocal club must abide by its rules. A letter of introduction is required prior to your visit and can be provided by the NAPC office.

To view the list of U.S. or International Reciprocal Clubs, please Log In here. If you are not currently an Alliance member, please email us at for more information.

Participating Alliance clubs are clubs that have agreed to extend reciprocal privileges to NAPC members who live or work within a 75-mile radius of their club. NAPC members must abide by the rules of each Alliance Club. Alliance Clubs maintain a roster of NAPC members so that members may contact Alliance Clubs directly to make reservations.