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Wyn Experiences

Imagine having the ability to plan and book bucket list experiences or special golf outing without even lifting a finger.

Wyn Experiences is designed to offer private club members customized personal and business events. Our long established relationships provide us with special access to the most sought after events -- The Masters, Kentucky Derby, Wimbledon just come to name a few.

We focus on creating memorable lifestyle events and experiences. Every imaginable detail is covered -- tee times, tickets, private transportaion, lodging, meals and on-site concierge services. Just imagine the ultimate experiece, and all you have to do is show up!

Speaker Series
The Georgian Club
Wednesday, January 22 • 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Terry “Doc” Dockery, Ph.D.
The Top 3 CEO Blind Spots: Are They Hurting You?
What are your blind spots as a business leader? Silly question, right? If you knew what your blind spots were, they wouldn’t be blind spots. We all have blind spots, but a CEO or business owner’s blind spots are the most destructive forces damaging the financial performance of their businesses and their personal happiness. Come see whether you have The Top 3 CEO Blind Spots, and if you do, come up with a plan to fix them. Terry “Doc” Dockery, Ph.D. (yes, Dr. Doc Dockery) is a small business scaling coach, speaker, writer, and CEO of The Resolve Firm. His firm works with small business CEOs (1-50M) in Atlanta to have more fun, make more money, and do more good. $16.95 includes a two-course lunch. Reservations are required. Please call (770) 952-6000.