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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I join the National Alliance without being a member of a private club?

A: No, you must first be a member of one of the participating National Alliance Clubs. If you are not currently a member of an Alliance Club, we are happy to assist you in finding the most appropriate Home Club for you.

Q: How do I make reservations when using reciprocal clubs?

A: You may request a reservation online or simply contact the Alliance office by telephone. The necessary Letter of Introduction (LOI) will be sent on your behalf to the club(s) of your choice. The LOI is typically valid for a maximum of 30 days. Some clubs may also ask to see your Alliance membership card upon arrival, but for many the LOI will suffice.

Q: How do I make reservations at Alliance Clubs in Georgia?

A: You can call the club directly. Please identify yourself as an Alliance member and have your Alliance membership number ready. Please call our office if you have any questions.

Q: How do I pay for services when visiting clubs?

A: Most clubs will ask that services be paid for at the time of service by major credit card. If the club you plan to visit does not accept credit cards, the Alliance Coordinator will notify you when you receive a copy of your Letter of Introduction. If that occurs, other arrangements will be made in advance on your behalf.

Q: How do I know what services and amentities are available at each of the clubs?
A: You simply sign in as a member on the NAPC website to have access to this information.

Q: Are there any restrictions for using reciprocal clubs?
A: Yes, NAPC members living outside of Georgia have access to all NAPC reciprocal clubs, except those located within 75 miles of their home, business, or home club. 

Q: When I received my National Alliance membership card, I noticed logos for only two clubs on the back - Why is that?

A: The logos are for The Georgian Club and Indian Hills Country Club, which are the two clubs through which most reciprocal agreements have been established.  Alliance members have a Traveler's Membership at these two clubs - home clubs to the National Alliance.

*See the Reciprocal Club pages for details as to how to make your reciprocal club reservations when traveling.